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A Smart Choice

Benefiting the Mind and the Body

We understand that pursuing dance in higher education is a special calling. At Mason, we want our students to understand their role in the larger dance community

Dance major Sarah Beth Penny finds study resources in the Mason library. University studies help make Mason dancers of the world and in the world.

While all of our students aspire to performance careers, we also want their unique attributes to be developed. This holistic approach means you will understand how to have a lifetime in our field.

Through our curriculum and with internships available at national arts institutions, you will expand your dance knowledge, and begin to grasp the role of dance in our society and economy.

And because you are studying at a major university, you will have the opportunity to pursue other areas that spark your curiosity and drive to know more of the world.  

We work to develop skills in our students that translate to the greater job market — not at the expense of their training, but in addition to the professional dance preparation.

Our philosophy, that we are all of service to the field, permeates our culture. We think that makes an important impact on the world of dance.